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JOHNNIE WALKER XR 21 Years / 750ml

JOHNNIE WALKER XR 21 Years / 750ml

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Brand: Johnnie Walker
Country: Scotland
Alcohol percentage: 40%
Volume: 750ml

Johnnie Walker XR 21 is a premium blended Scotch whisky that celebrates the legacy of the iconic Johnnie Walker brand. It was created by Master Blender Jim Beveridge, who expertly crafted the blend using rare and aged whiskies from the brand's extensive reserves.

The name XR 21 pays tribute to the year of the company's founding, 1820, and the 21 years that Jim Beveridge has spent as Master Blender at Johnnie Walker. The bottle's sleek design also reflects the brand's innovation and forward-thinking approach.

The whisky itself has a complex and smooth flavor profile, with notes of toasted oak, vanilla, and a hint of citrus. It is carefully balanced and layered, with a long, rich finish that lingers on the palate.

Johnnie Walker XR 21 is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, allowing the full range of flavors to be appreciated. It also pairs well with a variety of mixers, making it a versatile choice for cocktails and mixed drinks.

Overall, Johnnie Walker XR 21 is a luxurious and sophisticated whisky that is perfect for special occasions and celebrations. It is a true testament to the skill and expertise of the Johnnie Walker team, and a must-try for any whisky connoisseur.


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